Hi – This website is designed primarilly to provide information about my different MIT courses.  It is a supplement to my official MIT Sloan faculty site.

In the Spring 2017 semester,  I am teaching the following courses:

  • 15.615 - "Essential Law for Business" 
  • 15.618 / 15.6181 - "Entrepreneurship and Innovation:  Legal Tools and Frameworks"

These courses are open to students in all Sloan degree programs and to students and researchers from any other department at MIT.  15.615 and 15.618 are for graduate credit; 15.6181 meets with 15.618 and is for undergraduate credit only.

There are no prerequisites for any of these courses -- anything you need to know about the law, I will teach you. 

For more information about these courses, follow the link to the left to COURSE 15 OFFERINGS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS AND UNDERGRADUATES IN ALL MIT DEPARTMENTS.


During January 2017 Mid-Career Electives Week, I will also be offering a two-day course on "The Law and Tough Calls." 

For more information about this course, follow the link to the left to MIT SLOAN MID-CAREER JANUARY ELECTIVE.

                                                                                               (last revised 12/11/16)